• The maximum occupancy for all room types is 2 persons (Children under height 110 cm and limit 1 person do not need extra bed)

  • Our resort does not allow people ,who are not registered guests, stay  with  you  at  night.

  • Our resort  does not allow every kind of pets  to stay  in the resort.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the room.

  • Gambling or illegal  things  is  not  allowed  in the resort.

  • Eating  and  drinking  is not  allowed  in  the  room.

  • Camping is not allowed in the resort.

  • Our resort does not allow you to make the noise or do anything that disturbs others. 

  • If customers forget the assets within the resort or property loss, the resort will not take any responsibility at all.

  • In the case of the resort property is damaged or lost, you have to compensate for the loss according to the property price.

  • If you do not stay as defined, the resort is considered  that  you  do not stay at all and you cannot get a refund.

  • If customers want to add extra bed, please identify us at least three days in advance .

  • Drone is not allowed in the resort.


  • After the booking is submitted, the customer cannot cancel the booking at any case.

  • You  can  postpone  your check in date 1 time through notifying  us 30 days in advance.

  • Changing or cancelling the check in date is primarily based on the document.