The Sense Khaokho






  • Check-in time: 14:00 

  • Check-out time: 12:00

  • The maximum occupancy for all room types is 2 persons (Children under height 110 cm and limit 1 person is free of charge if share bed with parent.)

  • Our resort does not allow people, who are not registered guests, stay with you at night.(Penalty charge 4,000 THB/person)

  • Our resort does not allow every kind of pets to stay in the resort.(Penalty charge 15,000 THB/person)

  • Smoking is not allowed in the room. Smoking in room is prohibit.(Penalty charge 2,000 THB)

  • Gambling or illegal things is not allowed in the resort.

  • Cooking, Eating or drinking is not allowed in the room.

  • Camping is not allowed in the resort.

  • Our resort does not allow you to make the noise or do anything that disturbs others. Please keep in mind the other guests that want to rest and avoid making noise from 22.00 onward.

  • If customers forget the assets within the resort or property loss, the resort will not take any responsibility at all.

  • In the case of the resort property is damaged or lost, you have to compensate for the loss according to the property price.

  • If you do not stay as defined, the resort is considered that you do not stay at all and you cannot get a refund.

  • If customers want to add extra bed, please identify us at least three day in advance.

  • In case the customer check out after check-out time, the customer pay the fine 1,000 baht per hour.

  • If the customer would like to cancel the number of guests, please inform the resort 3 days in advance. Without the advance information, the resort will not pay the refund.

  • Tax invoice of The Sense Viewtalaymok Khaokho Resort cannot be applied for tax deduction.

  • drone is not allowed in the resort.

The regulation may be changed without notice.


  • After the booking is submitted, the customer cannot cancel the booking at any case.

  • You can postpone your check in date 1 time through notifying us 30 days in advance.

  • Changing or cancelling the check in date is primarily based on the document

    The regulation may be changed without notice.