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Most tourist attractions in Khao Kho are nature, history and culture. Such as waterfall, mountain, national park,military museum, monument and etc. Each has a unique feature and have to choose the right time to visit. The most beautiful moments of each location depend on many factors. The information that The Sense has collected both from the internet and from local people, to be a guide for all of The Sense's customers.


Than Thip Waterfall

There is a one-tiered waterfall and more beautiful than others waterfalls in Khao Kho (personal opinion) but this waterfall quite far from our resort.

Distance from THE SENSE: 23 km
Notice: no mobile signal and mountainside road


Si Dit Waterfall

There is a small one-tiered waterfall. But there areinteresting photo spots such as wooden bridge and walkway to waterfall where you can take a photo close up with the waterfall. The local souvenir shop also available at the entrance.

Distance from THE SENSE: 8 km
Notice: low mobile signal


Phra Tam Nak, Khao Kho

This is a small Royal Thai Palace located on the high hill. There a beautiful garden to take photos. The accommodations, tents and coffee shop also available. The highlight activity is the walking trails to the top of the hill - Khao Yot Ya.

Distance from THE SENSE: 17 km
Notice: Dress modestly(when enter to the palace)


The Weapon Museum

The Armed Forces Base is a military operation base ofthe battle on Khao Kho in 1981, here are exhibits of weapons, vehicles and videos of those days.

Distance from THE SENSE: 14 km
Notice: One way road


Khao Kho Memorial

The sacrificial monument of Khao Kho is the place that located next to the Weapons Museum. This place has record the list of people who have participated in the battle of Khao Kho.

Distance from THE SENSE: 15 km
Notice: One way road


Bangkok Base

This is another panoramic view point on Khao Kho. Where you will see both of the Kanjanapisek Chedi and the wind turbine fields. Located next to Khao Kho Memorial.

Distance from THE SENSE: 15 km
Notice: One way road


Wat Pha Son Kaew Temple

In the other name “Wat Phra Tad Pha Son Kaew Temple” is one of the most famous temple in Phetchabun. Located on a hill with beautiful views where you have an opportunity to see the sea of fog. The famous coffee shop “Pino Late” just located nearby (about 1.5 km).

Distance from THE SENSE: 24 km
Notice: Dress modestly


Khao Kho Wind Turbine Fields

Have a share sightseeing’s cars available. The parking (have fee), flower garden and shops (sell both souvenirs and local products) available at the entrance of the property. Where you will see the hill tribes “Hmong” who lives and run business in this area.

Distance from THE SENSE: 8.6 km
Notice: In the afternoon is quite hot. (Umbrella, hats, sunglasses are recommended to prepare.)


Khao Takian Ngo Viewpoint

The viewpoint of the Takian Ngo Hill is one of a nice viewpoint in Khao Kho. Some people said this like Fuji ofThailand.

Distance from THE SENSE: 22 km
Notice: High and straight mountainside road


Phra Chedi Kanchanaphisek

Here is enshrined Relics of Buddha on top of the pagoda.The big white pagoda located by the road and just 5 minutes’ drive from our resort. The 108 bells are in the corner that is recommended to pray while you chime.

Distance from THE SENSE: 3 km
Notice: Dress modestly


Kaeng Bang Ra Chan

The place that is famous for the boat rafts. The highlight of this place is watching the freshwater jellyfish will you can see only here in Thailand. The right time to see the jellyfish ison March-April. But there are butterflies to watch and nature to explore all year.

Distance from THE SENSE: 20 km
Notice: Bumpy country road


Thung Salaeng Luang National Park

Here is the third largest national park in the country. The national park provided rooms and camping area with tents for rental. Here is spot for the mountain biker to riding in the Sawanna fields and pine wood.

Distance from THE SENSE: 21 km
Notice: Bumpy country road. The National Park entrance feeis required.